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Jan. 8th, 2021


New government measures regarding COVID-19

The government announced on January 6 new measures to counter the increase in cases of coronavirus infection that Quebec is currently experiencing. These measures will apply at least from January 9 to February 8, 2021.

• Regarding the manufacturing sector, no government decree has yet been announced and the government wants companies to self-regulate.

• The Government of Quebec allows the manufacturing sector to partially continue its operations. Therefore, there is no need to register on the government site as was the case with the first wave.


Here is what the government website states:

“Activities should be minimized to meet current commitments. Working from home when possible is obligatory and work shifts should be adjusted to limit presence on production and construction sites.

The CNESST will step up its interventions in workplaces to ensure compliance with health guidelines. “

During the press conference, the government was very clear on the need to maintain the required sanitary measures. The CNESST has put a COVID-19 kit at your disposal to help you in this regard. Do not hesitate to review, repeat, and reinforce the measures.

If you have employees who must travel during curfew (between 8 p.m. and 5 a.m.), you can provide them with a travel certificate. The government has prepared a template for employers.