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2019 Association Retrospective

Dec. 18th, 2019


Highlights in 2019

  • Launching of a new QFMA website
  • Joint QFMA/AFDICQ funding request to the MÉI for the transition to digital technology ($25,000 per member)
  • Sending a survey to members to find out about their knowledge of government programs relating to the furniture industry.
  • Confirming the extension of the PEX Meuble program for one year.
  • Confirming the furniture sector is one of the 17 priority sectors for the PEX program.
  • Subsidy of $93,000 awarded for the QFMA’s transition to digital technology, including the Québec Furniture website.
  • The departure of Pierre Richard on May 17 and the arrival of Gilles Pelletier as the new CEO in June.
  • The decision by the board of directors to renew the permanent staff’s mandate and to move ahead with a strategic planning initiative.
  • As part of a meeting with a representative of the Minister Fitzgibbon, the QFMA clearly announced its intentions in terms of pre-budget requests: the renewal and sustaining of PEX furniture, tax credit for e-commerce, transportation and logistics issues and the labour shortage.
  • Strategic planning in October.
  • Confirming that, despite a change in staff at Export Québec and the MÉI, there is continued interest in working with the Association and its members.


A warm welcome to the businesses that have joined the Association since November, 2018!

  • Armoires Mobilio
  • Atelier Spécialisé Les Moulins
  • D-Corp Concept
  • Faz II
  • Garde Robes Gagnon
  • Industrie Bourgneuf
  • Kastella
  • Kaza Design
  • Meubles de Jardins Brossard
  • Sealy Canada

Québec Furniture

After the media launch announcing the Québec Furniture branding and website, a campaign targeting the general public ensued. The short-term objective of this initiative was to enhance the exposure of the Québec Furniture signature line with consumers and, in the short term, contribute to the increase in sales of Québec-made furniture.

Through a partnership with VÉRO Magazine and KO Média, we were able to benefit from content visibility on many media platforms:

  • VÉRO Magazine, in print and on the Internet. See all the details of the campaign
  • Two overviews of “Les coups de cœur de Laurence”: content appearing on Facebook and Instagram of VÉRO and Laurence Bareil – a reach of about 210,000 users
  • A mention in the article’s newsletter – sent to more than 62,000 subscribers
  • VÉRO/Québec Furniture contest – the prize: a Nexera office desk. A mention in VÉRO’s two newsletters and on Facebook.



In tandem with this operation, other promotional activities were conducted:

  • Filming of a first Consumer Profile – distributed on our social media outlets – a reach of about 54,000 users. See it here
  • A post card sent to 1,000 Québec furniture retailers to promote the in-store use of Québec Furniture signage materials. Following this pro-active operation, many retailers ordered signage to identify locally made furniture.


  • Sponsorship of the C’est quoi ton plan? program hosted by Laurence Bareil on the Canal Vie TV network.


Credit Service

The Canadian Credit Information Service (CCIS) provides furniture manufacturers with the best information pertaining to the follow-up on the payment patterns of Canadian and American furniture retailers. In 2018, the service successfully made the transition to Lyons Credit Services, a specialist in this field in the North American furniture industry.

  • In 2019, about 30 businesses per month used the service.
  • Three meetings were held, and these meetings enabled attendees to benefit from the experience of other participating businesses.
  • A reduction of bad debts


2019 annual convention – Digital transformation: technology at the service of your business objectives!

This year’s convention was held at the Château-Bromont Hotel, November 7-9. It brought together 102 participants, and the conferences and networking time were based around two themes of major concern: human resources and industry 4.0.

Find out all the details about the 2019 Convention


Canadian Furniture Show

Last September, the QFMA turned the page on an important part of its history by announcing the cancellation of the Canadian Furniture Show, a decision that stemmed from the results of recent editions of the event.

Since 1972, the Show has played a key role in shaping the Canadian furniture industry by bringing buyers and sellers together under the same roof. But the furniture sector, and that of these trade shows, has changed enormously over the years, and the decision that was made reflects this change.

The QFMA received a clear mandate from the board of directors to revitalize the promotional aspect of the members, their products and services. In this regard, the decision represents an incredible opportunity for the Association to devote its efforts to exciting projects and set its sights on the future.

We pledge to continue to work extremely hard to offer the most advantageous programs, promote Québec Furniture and uphold your interests with the various government authorities.


The QFMA’s priorities for 2020

The strategic planning conducted in October enabled the QFMA’s permanent staff to formulate:

The QFMA’s raison d’être

Uniting, supporting and propelling the industry to promote Québec-made furniture, locally and worldwide.

The QFMA’s values
  • Attentiveness and empathy
  • Diversity, solidarity and sharing
  • Growing
  • Authenticity
  • Entrepreneurial vision
  • Client focus
  • Commitment and balance


Specifically, in 2020, the Association will be channeling its efforts to ensure they are aligned with its values and commitment to its members:

  • By continuing to promote the Québec furniture industry in its interactions with governments, retailers and consumers.
  • By conducting a comprehensive evaluation of the programs and services offered to our members in the aim of improving our offerings.
  • By reviewing strategies pertaining to membership renewals and the acquisition of new members.
  • By continuing to ensure a continued and efficient presence in interactions with governments in matters that are beneficial for our members.
  • By promoting the Québec Furniture branding to a younger public/consumer base.
  • By pursuing the evaluation on the feasibility of a consolidated transportation and logistics program.
  • By reviewing the Association’s internal procedures: accounting, human resources, etc.


2020 is shaping to be a year filled with challenges, and the permanent staff is eager to meet them!