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Québec Export Strategy Announcement - The furniture industry is pleased it is being prioritized by the government

Oct. 24th, 2016

Québec Export Strategy Announcement - The furniture industry is pleased it is being prioritized by the government

Montréal, October 24, 2016 – Following its participation in consultations leading to the development of Québec’s 2016-2020 Export Strategy, the Quebec Furniture Manufacturers’ Association (QFMA) is pleased to note the furniture industry is among the 17 sectors being prioritized in the government strategy announced today by Ms. Dominque Anglade, the Minister Responsible for the Economy, Science and Innovation and Minister Responsible for Digital Strategy.

Through the Québec Export Strategy, the government plans to make it easier for businesses to access Canadian and American markets, and for the furniture sector it will focus on conducting the following actions, which will be implemented mainly by the MESI:

- Develop commercialization skills;
- Support businesses in the transition toward digital;
- Organize trade missions or hosting buyers to develop new business contacts;
- Showcase a Québec brand image to better position and enhance the visibility of what Québec has to offer in markets outside the province;
- Financially support sector-based associations or businesses in the sector for their participation in strategic trade shows.

“We are delighted the recommendations the QFMA made during public consultations and as part of the brief it submitted were included in Québec’s 2016-2020 Export Strategy,” stated Pierre Ricard, the President and CEO of the QFMA. “Trade missions, e-commerce and participation in trade shows were in the forefront of the issues we addressed in our brief. The government was attentive to the members of the QMFA. Our industry has been hit hard over the last decade, so any support measures in terms of market development are welcomed by Québec furniture manufacturers. We eagerly anticipate a close collaboration with the government in the implementing of this strategy.”

The Québec Furniture Manufacturers’ Association actively contributes to the growth of the Québec furniture industry and oversees its promotion and development in Canada and internationally. Founded in 1942, the QFMA brings together manufacturers of residential, office and institutional furniture, manufacturers of furniture components, as well as product and service suppliers to this industry. The QFMA also defends the interest of its members and conveys industry issues on various speaking platforms and to government authorities.

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