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Open House Weekends

In 2017, for a second year, the Quebec Furniture Manufacturers’ Association (QFMA) collaborated with the Open House Weekends. This time, the QFMA teamed up with well-known multidisciplinary designer Jean-Claude Poitras, who introduced his Furniture Favourites, a selection of great finds he was sharing with the public to display the creativity and diversity of Québec-Made Furniture.

The four residential units that have been furnished with Québec-Made furniture were the signature work of designers overseen by Jean-Claude Poitras. But in 2017 Jean-Claude Poitras went a step further in showcasing Québec-Made Furniture, through his 19 Furniture Favourites.

Meanwhile, the public was able to cast a vote for their furniture favourite and had the chance to win Québec-made furniture and GE Appliances with a retail value of $10,000.