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Meuble du Québec

The Meuble du Québec (Québec Furniture) signature was created by the QFMA in 2017 in order for the consumers to easily identify Quebec’s furniture in the stores.

Key Facts

The will to buy local products continues to be on the rise amongst Quebecers:

  1. According to the latest responsible consumption barometer published by the Observatoire de la consommation responsable (OCR) in November 2017, 83% of Québec consumers are influenced in their furniture buying by logos or branding displaying Québec-made origin, including the fleur de lys insignia.
  2. According to another OCR study published in 2017: “The manufacturing sector is a key sector to explore under the local-buying theme.” The report adds that one of the three impediments to buying local is “being able to identify local products”, notably in the furniture industry.
  3. A Léger survey on Québec furniture, commissioned by the QFMA and conducted among 1,000 consumers in 2016, delivered some remarkable findings:

98% of the survey respondents had a positive or very positive perception of Québec-made furniture, but 86% have a hard time finding locally-made furniture.

The Meuble du Québec Signature and Website

The Meuble du Québec signature is shared through various advertisement and promotional activities of the Association and is aiming at slowly making its way in the consumers’ heads.

The Meuble du Québec website’s goal is to help to help the public discover Québec-made furniture, to showcase its advantages and to promote it with the consumers.

The launch in Fall 2018 was supported by a media public relations campaign, which focused on the importance of buying local. See the press review.

Spring 2020

A promotional campaign will begin in the Spring of 2020 with the clear goal to reach consumers. During a favorable period for buying furniture, the QFMA will put the emphasis on mainstream media, print and digital to push forward the Québec Furniture signature and the manufacturers. Details to come!

If you have any questions about those initiatives, please contact Marie-Eve Boucher, QFMA’s Communications Director, at 514 866-3631 x209 or at