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Damage Insurance

The QFMA grouping of members is supported by brokers and risk management experts. Our actual partners are EgR and Fidema Groupe Conseils Inc.

Each participating company is equipped with the best prevention tools to handle risk.

The general insurance plan covers the following elements:

Buildings | Property | Complementary and civil liability | Liability of directors and officers | Vehicle fleet | Cyber risk

Over the years, the QFMA has established a damage insurance offering that is highly competitive, thanks to the pool of companies and the risk spreading.

Therefore, premiums are 10 to 15% lower than market prices.

Concrete savings and benefits:

  • Prevention program customized to each member

  • Customized insurance policy and rates

  • Technical assistance from a risk management firm

  • Proactive support in case of major disaster

  • Stable and competitive rates

  • Tailored insurance guarantee and most advantageous on the market

  • Insurance provider with sound financial position

All the companies that are members of the QFMA can be part of the group and join at any time during the year.

Don’t wait! Contact Gilles Pelletier at or 514 866-3631 x210.