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Canadian Credit Information Service

The Canadian Credit Information Service (CCIS) provides to furniture manufacturers the best credit information as for canadian and american retailers payment patterns.

Since the move to the Lyons’ Credit Services platform, the credit information service is more performing than ever! Lyons is specialized in the North American furnishing industry, and has a secure web interface, identified to QFMA to easily manage information and generate reports. industry in North America and has a secure

Concrete savings and benefits:

  • Unique tool especially made for furniture industry and owned by the QFMA

  • Many companies participating every month, providing reliable information

  • Decreases bad debts

  • Credit meetings are privileged times to benefit from each other experience

  • Representation in case of bankruptcy

  • Allows to confirm changes in retailers payment patterns

  • Reports available at

  • Service is included in the Association’s membership fee.

Should you require further information, please contact Gilles Pelletier, President and CEO, at or at 514 866-3631 x210.