Why become a member?

To take advantage of the strength of a group of entrepreneurs who experience the same reality as yours.

Become a member also allows:

  • To save on your insurances and prevention mutual
  • To be represented when dealing with governmental authorities.
  • To benefit from the Meuble du Québec signature
  • To increase your visibility with targeted groups
  • To network and benefit from business opportunities
  • To receive insider information

Want to become a member?

To find out more about the many benefits a QFMA membership can provide to your company, contact Julie Lamarre, at 514 866-3631 x181 or at jlamarre@afmq.com.

NEW! The QFMA now offers membership fees adapted to small enterprises.

Download the Membership Fees Table

Who can become a member?

The QFMA has four types of members:


1. Manufacturers of residential furniture

2. Manufacturers of institutional (furniture for hotels or restaurants), office (corporate) and architectural furniture

3. Manufacturers of components, so companies that manufacture and assemble furniture-related products (panels, legs, etc.) and sub-contractor companies.

4. Industry providers, so companies that offer products and services to the furniture industry, including hardware, finishing products, financial services, etc.