We share your passion for furniture and the industry. Our various expertise is available to you at all times. You can communicate with any member of the team, they will be able to help you or direct you to the right person. Here are the team members and examples of topics you might want to discuss with them.

Gilles Pelletier 

President and CEO

Business Development
Credit Information Service
Government Relations
Member Services
Transport Program 

514 866-3631 x210 | gpelletier@afmq.com  

Marie-Eve Boucher

Communications and Events Director

Accounting, Biling and Invoicing
General Information
Media Relations
Meuble du Québec 
Social Media

514 866-3631 x209 | meboucher@afmq.com  


Julie Lamarre 

Communications Coordinator

Email Communications with Members
Le Motbilier Newsletter
Member profiles on the QFMA and Meuble du Québec websites
Welcoming new members

514 866-3631, x181 | jlamarre@afmq.com