Our mission

The mission of the Quebec Furniture Manufacturers Association is to unite, support and propel the industry to promote Québec-made furniture, locally and worldwide. Founded in 1942, the non-profit organization includes the majority of Quebec’s manufacturers of residential, office and institutional furniture, manufacturers of furniture components, as well as product and service suppliers. The QFMA also defends the interests of its members and conveys industry issues on various speaking platforms and to government authorities.

Our values


Attentiveness and empathy

Encouraging attentiveness among colleagues, clients and members in a spirit of respect, fairness and honesty.


Diversity, solidarity and sharing

Seeking out and fostering team and members’ diversity, recognizing that together we are stronger, sharing knowledge and information.



Constantly evolve by being open to the world. Gain knowledge, adjust, learn from our mistakes and act as a catalyst.



Build confidence by being transparent about our priorities and projects and in our communications.


Entrepreneurial vision

Have an entrepreneurial vision to be able to think “big” and set our sights on achieving our industry’s objectives


Client focus

Make the client the focal point of our objectives, be mindful of the client and put ourselves in the client’s position to understand where they’re going.


Commitment and balance

Band together to fulfill our mission, while maintaining a healthy personal and professional life balance

Meuble du Québec

Created by the Quebec Furniture Manufacturers’ Association, the Meuble du Québec (Quebec Furniture) signature is a symbol with an important purpose: promoting the Québec furniture industry to the general public.