Promoting our Members


New! Promoting Québec Furniture

In 2018, the QFMA is gradually deploying an important strategy to promote Québec Furniture, in collaboration with furniture manufacturers and retailers.



Key Facts

The Buy Local trend continues to be on the rise: Quebecers are looking for and embracing more locally made products. 

1. According to the latest responsible consumption barometer published by l’Observatoire de la consommation responsable (OCR) in November 2017, 83% of Québec consumers are influenced in their furniture buying by logos or branding displaying Québec-made origin, including the fleur de lys insignia.


2. According to another OCR study published in 2017: “The manufacturing sector is a key sector to explore under the local-buying theme.” The report adds that one of the three impediments to buying local is “being able to identify local products”, notably in the furniture industry.


3. A Léger survey on Québec furniture, commissioned by the QFMA and conducted among 1,000 consumers in 2016, delivered some remarkable findings:

- 98% of the survey respondents had a positive or very positive perception of Québec-made furniture.

- 14% of the respondents described Québec Furniture as being accessible (easy to find); which means 86% have a hard time finding locally-made furniture.



Marketing Tools and Campaign

The new Québec Furniture signature logo

The QMFA has created a new Québec Furniture signature logo which will be provided to all partners, much like the Aliments du Québec seal. This signature can be used to identify furniture in stores, in showrooms, or on signage, advertising material, websites, and others.

Ready-to-print Marketing Tools
The QFMA is distributing ready-to-print marketing tools to the partners; this material is designed to make it easier to identify locally made furniture (see here, French document); available in French and in English.



Québec Furniture Website
On Monday, October 1, 2018, the QFMA will be launching a new bilingual website and, which, hopefully, will become a pre-shopping hub and the online point of reference for consumers in terms of Québec-made furniture, featuring all of the partners.


Launch Campaign – Fall 2018
The Québec Furniture website launch will be promoted in a media relations and advertising campaign which will include all our partners.


2018 Spring promotion
Since spring is a conducive period for furniture sales, the QFMA will also launch with a spring promotion which will serve as a build-up for the fall launch and will gradually promote the Québec Furniture label with consumers.

All furniture manufacturers, QFMA members, will benefit from all of the advantages stemming from their membership, including a profile on the future Québec Furniture website!


Hundreds of furniture retailers have received an invitation by the QFMA to become a partner in this new Québec Furniture promotion… It’s free!

Should you have any questions about this new initiative, please get in touch with Daphné Leduc Bélanger, Communications Coordinator, at or by calling 514 866-3631, extension 206.