Prevention Mutuals - Health & Safety

The QFMA has taken a leadership role in health and safety because of the expertise it has gained over the years.


The QFMA is also a pioneer in the area of prevention mutuals. Since 1998, it has implemented mutuals that have considerably improved the overall performance of its members and reduced their health and safety costs.


Since 1998, the QFMA has offered its members a group plan to make it easier to manage the often complex issues regarding occupational health and safety (OHS). This allows the member company to efficiently oversee its OHS files and be provided with advice to define and manage a prevention program tailored to its needs.


The implementation of this program in each company that is part of the group helps to improve overall performance while reducing the contribution rates. The member company can then have peace of mind in dealing with even the most complex issues, and it can reap the benefits reflected in the daily management of its business. The partnership with PRÉVIBOIS not only contributes to the employees’ safety but to the overall health of the company, as well.


Membership in a PRÉVIBOIS mutual has several advantages.

  • Savings in contributions to the CNESST
  • Free training sessions and interventions to QFMA members
  • Free legal fees and advice on claims were offered to QFMA members that were part of the mutual group.

Being a PRÉVIBOIS member means you are surrounded by a dynamic, experienced and multidisciplinary team that is attentive to your needs. It also means you belong to a network of partners that work in the same sector and have access to a wealth of privileged information. 


Take advantage of the special 2017 promotion and enjoy substantial savings on your PRÉVIBOIS mutual group membership costs.

  • An OHS diagnostic once you become a member
  • A fee reduction of 50% (1st year), 30% (2nd year) and 20% (3rd year) conditional to the signing of a 3-year agreement
  • The possibility of participating in the Mutual’s management committee


For further details on the current promotion and new memberships, please contact Yves Daigle, Business Development and Programs Director, at or by calling 514 730-4555.