Since 1999, our plan has consistently offered a highly competitive rate and significant added-value, with the notable support of Fidema, our independent risk management advisor.


Over the years, the QFMA has established a damage insurance offering that:


• Is highly competitive: because of the pool of companies and risk spreading, premiums are 10 to 15% lower than market prices;


• Continually and thoroughly assesses the work and quality of the service provided by the selected broker;• Is set up to include many insurers, which spreads the risk and provides extensive coverage;


• Has a dynamic prevention specialist available to work for the members, thereby reducing the number of claims every year while improving occupational health and safety;


• Provides the help of our independent advisor in the event of an accident and claim.


This program, which has outstanding value, is only available through the QFMA!


The group benefits from an insurance plan covering the following categories:

• Buildings: fire, water damage, crime, theft, vandalism
• Property: fire, theft, machinery breakdown
• Complementary civil liability
• Liability of directors and officers
• Vehicle fleet
• And others


Plus, the flexibility of the group allows each member to obtain a policy that specifically meets their needs, while benefiting from the strength of the group.


Meanwhile, an insurance committee, composed of insured members, was formed in 2013 and it oversees the smooth functioning of the group, by analyzing the annual renewal terms, premiums, limits, deductibles and other details.


Any QFMA member company can be part of this group, and you can join at any time of the year. Why wait?


For further details, please contact Yves Daigle at or by calling 514 730-4555.