Group Insurance

The new group insurance plan, which has been in effect since 2016, provides a comprehensive and modular offering based on the needs of each specific business. This enables you to build your own plan and choose from among the various coverages, based on your needs and the financial ability of your company and your employees. The Mallette Actuaires Inc. firm is the actuary serving as the broker with insurers.


Moreover, the rate structure allows you to make some significant savings, in the area of 15%. Offering your employees a wide range of attractive benefits is a great employee retention incentive.


The plan includes all of the coverages that are usually offered: 


• Life insurance for the employee and dependents;
• Accidental death or dismemberment insurance;
• Short- and long-term disability insurance; 
• Drug insurance, medical fees and dental care.


If your company is currently a QFMA member, you can contact Christian Renaud, at Mallette by calling 418 653-4455 x2542 or by sending an email to


If your company is not a QFMA member, please contact Yves Daigle, the Business Development and Programs Director at or by calling 514 730-4555.