Government Relations

The QFMA has been conducting a constant follow-up with government authorities since 2015, notably through its collaboration with specialists in the public affairs firm, Paradigme, Affaires publiques.


As a result of this initiative, our members have been able to benefit from the following services:


  • Various interventions in Quebec and Ottawa, including MESI and Export Québec
  • An inventory of government programs, updated yearly
  • Summaries of the provincial and federal budgets
  • Many members were surveyed to establish priorities to be discussed with government officials (2015)

Québec Government


  • Subsidies for manufacturers (QFMA members) who exhibit in the following 2017 trade shows (High Point Market, Las Vegas Market, Neocon and Canadian Furniture Show)
  • Participation of the Minister of Economy, Science and Innovation (MESI), Ms. Dominique Anglade, in the exclusive 16-page report on the Quebec furniture industry published in Les Affaires Journal (2017)
  • 2016-2020 Québec Export Strategy 2016-2020: the furniture industry is included in the 17 sectors prioritized by the government
  • A study commissioned by the QFMA in collaboration with the MESI – The American residential and office furniture market: the current situation and outlook (2016)
  • Participation in the works of the Regulatory Streamlining Committee (2015)
  • The QFMA sits on Export Québec’s advisory committee
  • Participation of the Minister of Economy, Science and Innovation (MESI), Ms. Dominique Anglade, at the 2016 QFMA Convention
  • Participation of the minister delegated to small and medium businesses, Mr. Jean-Denis Girard, at the QFMA Convention (2015)
  • Participation of Finance Minister, Jacques Daoust, in the exclusive 20-page report on the Quebec furniture industry published in journal Les Affaires (2014)
  • Summary of Provincial Budget

Government of Canada


  • Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of International Trade, Pamela Goldsmith-Jones, visited the 2017 Canadian Furniture Show
  • Presentation and brief submitted to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Technology in Ottawa - Canadian Manufacturing Sector (2016)
  • Meeting with Canadian Global Affairs, Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development, and Finance Departments on Free Trade Agreements with the United States and China
  • Summary of Federal Budget

Other matters in progress.

The various documents, briefs, summaries of the budgets and others, are in the Member’s Area.