Canadian Credit Information Service


The QFMA is pleased to announce that the new Canadian Credit Information Service (CCIS), in partnership with Lyon Credit Services, is already in operation! In the current context, in which the retail business is changing, the QFMA’s credit service is an indispensable tool to help you follow your customer accounts!


The move to this new platform has gone seamlessly, so smoothly, in fact, that the new service is ready earlier than expected! The new bilingual platform has several advantages:


  • It generates the same credit rating and credit reports as the previous CCIS-QFMA.
  • The CCIS-QFMA members’ group remains the same.
  • The web interface is secure and CCIS-identified to easily manage information and generate reports. 
  • The CCIS records have been transferred to Lyon and are accessible to you: you can retrieve the reports of the past 12 months.
  • New features

o You will do your own real-time entries of incidents
o You can also generate all your reports yourself, in real time, without having to wait.


As soon as possible, please send your accounts receivable aging for January 2018 in an electronic format only, directly to Lyon at the following email address:

  • You may use the same electronic file as the one you used with CCIS (no new template is required, but you need to use the same file every month).
  • Every month,

o Your accounts receivable aging file must include the customer’s telephone number and street address 


o A separate document including the telephone number and street address of every customer, must be sent along with your accounts receivable aging file


  • QFMA staff will continue to hold credit meetings. Lyon will provide the reports required for these meetings.


As you know, the QFMA decided to partner with Lyon Credit Services, a company specializing in providing credit services to the North American furniture industry. Lyon, which has been in business since 1876, is a trusted, well-established partner which currently offers a credit rating system similar to that of the CCIS.


Should you require further information, please contact Simon Harris, the QFMA’s IT Manager, either by phoning at 514 866-3631 x208, or by emailing