Canadian Credit Information Service

In order to enhance the service and ensure its continued operational efficiency, the QFMA has signed a contract with Lyon Credit Services, a company specializing in providing credit services to the North American furniture industry.


Lyon, which has been in business since 1876, is a trusted, well-established partner which currently offers a credit rating system which is similar to that of the CCIS. This means that:


• Lyon is currently in the process of adapting its system so it can produce the same credit rating and the same credit reports as the current CCIS version.

• The group that includes the current CCIS members will remain the same.

• CCIS members will use a QFMA-identified, web-secure interface to manage the data and reports.

• CCIS members will benefit from an enhancement in services and operational efficiencies, advice from experts and top-notch credit information.

• Accounts receivable will only be accepted in an electronic format. Faxes, which require manual data entry, will no longer be accepted.

• CCIS members will continue to send their accounts receivable by using the same electronic file as the one they currently use with the CCIS (no new template is required).

• Credit meetings will be coordinated and run by the QFMA’s staff. Lyon will provide the required reports for these meetings.



What this means for CCIS members in the short term:


• It is important to continue to send accounts receivable every month to the same email address:

• The CCIS will be functional for several months so that CCIS members can obtain the reports up to September 2017, inclusively.

During this transition period, please contact Simon Harris, the QFMA’s IT Manager, either by phone at 514 866-3631 x208, or by emailing



The new Credit Service will be operational in early 2018.


For more information on Lyon Credit Service, please visit their website.