The mission of the Quebec Furniture Manufacturers Association is to actively contribute to the growth of Quebec’s furniture industry and oversee its promotion and development in Canada, the United States and worldwide. Founded in 1942, the non-profit organization includes manufacturers of residential, office and institutional furniture, manufacturers of furniture components, as well as product and service suppliers. The QFMA also defends the interests of its members and conveys industry issues on various speaking platforms and to government authorities.


The QFMA has more than 130 members, some 100 of which are manufacturers of furniture and components, which represents the majority of Quebec’s office, residential and institutional furniture production.

Furniture-industry companies, most of which are Quebec-owned, are in every region of the province and are among the biggest employers in the manufacturing sector. Quebec accounts for close to 45% of Canadian jobs in the industry.


The QFMA also plays an instrumental role Canada-wide as the owner and producer of the Canadian Furniture Show (previously known as TCHFM), held every year in Toronto. The only furniture show in the country becomes a showcase of local know-how by bringing together industry professionals, manufacturers, retailers and other industry professionals from Canada, the United States and internationally, to introduce the latest collections and the most recent trends. This is where buying decisions are made for the entire furniture industry.


Quality Canadian Furniture, which the QFMA also oversees, is an association of some 100 Canadian furniture manufacturers united in their efforts to promote locally made furniture in Canada and throughout the world. Buying Canadian furniture means creating local jobs, along with helping the economy and the environment, since they are made in fair conditions from renewable resources, such as wood from our forests, and they have to travel far fewer kilometres to get to our homes.