• 2014 Industry profile

    2014 Industry profile

    Statistics, the industry’s evolution and thoughts inspired by today’s trends… The Ministère de l’Économie, de l’Innovation et des Exportations offers a rich profile of the residential furniture industry. * Please note that the profile is in French.

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  • New to TCHFM 2015

    New to TCHFM 2015

    The Canadian Home Furnishings Market is leaving chilly winters and moving to June. Also, a national Advisory Committee is created and will steer the relaunch plan. Get ready to see TCHFM through fresh eyes!

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  • Buying locally-made furniture

    Buying locally-made furniture

    Télé-Québec's Ça vaut le coût looks at buying furniture that is made in Quebec. See the show by clicking below. *Please note that it is in French.

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